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Welcome to our online store retailing the latest in non piercing body jewelry and fake clip on navel belly rings, Clipbitz. We also have a large range of fake ear stretching plugs and fake nipple rings that are a great alternative to a traditional body piercing.

The range of clip on belly rings that we sell uses a worldwide patented spring clip that comfortably clips onto the upper part of the belly button. When not required it is easily removed for swimming or sleeping etc. For the fashion conscious teenager who is either too young for a navel piercing or maybe scared of the piercing process and the aftercare these are the ideal solution. They are available in a range of designs either in 925 Sterling Silver or 14Kt Gold plated Silver and use high quality Swarovski gem stones. They are the best performing fake belly rings we have seen to date and are the result of two years testing prior to their release on the open market.

Also check out our range of non piercing nipple rings and fake ear plugs that use a standard ear piecing hole but give an 8mm stretched ear look.

  Non Piercing Fake Clip On Belly Button Rings - 925 Silver
Non Piercing Fake Silver Belly Rings

Our stunning range of non piercing fake navel belly rings made from 925 Silver. These clipon fake belly bars are the best on the market and use a unique worldwide patented spring clip to hold the jewelry onto the belly button.

  Non Piercing Fake Navel Rings - 925 Silver / Gold Plate
Same high quality product that uses the unique spring clip as the above range but with that added bling factor of a Gold plated unit. High quality Swarovski gem stones are used in our clips.

fake non piercing navel belly rings

  Non Piercing Fake Clip On Nipple Rings
Non Piercing Fake nipple rings

If you fancy something a little daring than why not try one of our fake nipple piercing rings. These have adjustable prongs that can be comfortably fitted around the nipple to give a pierced look without any pain.

  Non Piercing Fake Earlobe Stretching Plugs
Join the latest craze in ear stretching by using one of our fake ear plugs These give the appearance of an 8mm stretched ear lobe but use a standard size ear piercing hole.

fake ear stretching plugs and tunnels